Yoga cOMmUNITY of FL Teacher Trainings

Authentic teachings for the modern yogi Lisa Pumper

Yoga cOMmUNITY of FL Teacher Trainings @ Red Pearl Yoga

Authentic Teachings for the Modern Yogi 
Our cOMmUNITY of yoga practitioners has grown & matured. Students and teachers want more authentic and professional education.

Our Yoga Alliance-certified 200hr & 300hr yoga teacher trainings & continued educations
workshops take you on a deep, satisfying dive into all things Yoga.

Our trainings will help you dive deeper into the teachings, refine your existing skills, add new ones, and develop a richer and more fulfilling practice.

Our courses are Classical Hatha/Vinyasa based in the lineage of Krisnamacharya. We also incorporate various Tantric Lineages (Kripalu/Kundalini) to give an amazing experience of our master Hindu Lineage in the modern times of Eastern Yoga traditions.

We consider our programs to be non-biased, eclectic, and inspiring, offering the “greatest hits” from the best lineages. Our faculty is certified in a variety of yoga schools, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Kripalu & Kundalini among others.

Our trainings focus not only on the physical postures, but also on how the postures evolved. We explore yoga’s ancient sacred texts and five-thousand-year-old traditions, as well as the psycho-therapeutic benefits that develop with a steady practice and the spiritual power that is set free when energy flows throughout the heart, body and mind.

You’ll be led by our expert faculty during your training as these teachers have been chosen for their expertise, and equally importantly, for their ability to support and guide you as you dive deeply into exploring your yoga practice and teaching.

By presenting different lineages of yoga, our hope is that students realize that many paths lead to the same goal, and they can then decide what resonates most with them.

Our educational goal is to help release the student of their conditioned educational expectations. We are not here to indoctrinate our students. This is a noncompetitive, open-hearted educational environment with an emphasis on personal growth, taught by exceptional leaders in the yoga field.

Note the 300hr training is open to anyone who has completed a Yoga Alliance approved 200-hour teacher training and to all yogis with a strong foundation of yogic practice who desire to immerse themselves into in a richly authentic, full bodied experience of yoga and direct its benefits towards positive, momentous change.

Teacher: Lisa Pumper, Ceci Lester, Kelly Brookbank & More…
Location & Details at : Red Pearl Yoga, Ft Lauderdale
Contact: Lisa Pumper for details & application [email protected] . com
Find us @ Yoga Alliance under: Bija Yoga School ~ Delray

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