Gretchen Mills

Yoga Teacher, Owner of Key West Yoga Sanctuary

Gretchen Mills – Yoga Teacher, Owner of Key West Yoga Sanctuary

“When you discover your true nature and know who you really are, you stand fearless.”
~Deepak Chopra

I have spent much of my adult life traveling around the world experiencing the cultural, religious, and healing ways of many different people and their countries.  My travels not only focused on humanity studies, but embraced our deep ecological and environmental connections as well.  I have always felt that the more we can learn about each other and our planet, the more respect and love we will have for our own bodies, the people around us, and our environment.

As owner of the Key West Yoga Sanctuary, I am honored to have the opportunity to create a space where we learn to trust our innate wisdom to live fully in our creativity, confidence, power, heart, and self.  My personal studies include many styles of yoga with wonderfully inspiring teachers from across the globe, but to me the most profound teachings come from within–through attention, listening, teaching, living, and simply being.  My practice and teaching are ever-evolving, fueled by nature’s beauty and its astounding ability to achieve balance through all kinds of transformation. My greatest reward as a teacher is found when students’ lives are enriched as they greet deeper levels of themselves through their experiences on the mat and into the world.

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