Cora Rosen

Yoga Teacher & Founder of Moksha Yoga Studio

Cora Rosen – Yoga Teacher & Founder of Moksha Yoga Studio in Wellington, FL


Cora Rosen was always drawn towards a spiritual way of living and eastern philosophies as a child. 12 years ago after reading many books and learning about different philosophies and cultures, Cora eventually ended up at a yoga class. She loved yoga right from the start, exploring many different styles. It wasn’t until a couple of years later that Cora started practicing Ashtanga/Vinyasa yoga and the fluidity, beauty and meditative qualities captured her heart. Cora did her first Ashtanga teacher training with David Swenson and since then has studied with many renowned teachers and is always learning and expanding her experience and knowledge of this lifelong practice by continuing to learn and grow from her most favorite and influential teachers of the past and present.

She decided to open Moksha shortly after her son, Luca, was born due to the lack of yoga in the Wellington Community. Since then she has kept busy not only with the daily operations of Moksha but also keeping up with her children, Luca and Harlow. Cora wants to share yoga not only in the class but bring it into everyday life by doing, evolving and truly living yoga, allowing peace and joy to flourish within and spread to others! Her classes combine inspiring music with a challenging vinyasa practice emphasizing awareness and the importance in linking movement to breath so the mind can become calm and free.

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