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Circusoul Yoga is a purpose driven yoga school in Sarasota, FL that seeks to provide the highest level of service to our clients. Our purpose is to help people live healthier more fun-filled lives through the practice of healthful habits, yoga, and mindfulness. Our school specializes in yoga therapeutics and aerial yoga. CircuSoul Yoga offers the most comprehensive aerial yoga certification training available in the world.

 We provide public yoga classes, workshops, CEUs, yoga teacher trainings. We are the only school in the nation to offer comprehensive aerial yoga certifications. CircuSoul is the premiere location for aerial yoga training. We offer a professional level RYT200 training program with requirements that prepare yoga trainees to teach professionally in both private and public yoga settings. 

 Our school’s philosophy is to help our students holistically – offering specialized care for injured students in the way of private yoga, thai yoga, neuromuscular massage and yoga therapy. For our uninjured students we recommend public yoga classes. 

CircuSoul started out as a dream and a passion for owner and founder Kerry Tice. His original intent was to start a circus production company and perform on the high flying trapeze.

 In 2009 CircuSoul got its start out in Tulsa, Oklahoma where they ran a recreational trapeze rig offering flying trapeze lessons to the public. It was a hard and grueling summer out in the dust bowl, but many valuable lessons where learned and our journey had only just begun.

In 2010 CircuSoul came back home to Sarasota, Florida and became CircuSoul Productions, LLC that specialized in circus performances for private parties and events. CircuSoul Productions went on to perform for the likes of Ultra Music Festival, Oceana, and The Humane Society of Lakewood Ranch, just to name a few. Spite fufilling one of his dreams of owning and running a circus production company, Kerry Tice longed for more. His passion for Yoga was growing and he knew that he wanted to merge his love of Circus with his love of Yoga. 

 In late 2012 Kerry Tice morphed a piece of fabric and launched an outdoor areial yoga program straight out of his homes backyard; Gillispie Park Aerial Yoga was born and took the community of Sarasota by storm. People all over town referred to it as the as the “tree yoga” place. It was an amazing opportunity to connect with nature, have a fun work out, and experience something new. Being able to commune with a giant oak tree and sky-high bamboo,  while being suspended from colorful cocoons was a beautiful and unique experience. Sadly the tree could only hold so many people at one time, and Mother Nature was a force to be recokoned with during the Summer months in Florida, so off we went looking for a new space. 

Aerial Yoga and an Oak Tree

Aerial Savasana in an Oak Tree

 In 2013 we opened up our first Aerial Yoga space near the airport in Sarasota, Florida. There we built up a loyal clientele base and started the launch of our sister business, Flying Hammock, which manufactures and distributes aerial yoga hammocks worldwide. We added on new staff members and started teaching more classes. The business grew quickly and after only a short year we already needed another new space.

In the start of 2014 CircuSoul opened its doors at its current location at 4141 S. Tamiami Trail, this time armed with TWO suites dedicating its space to all things yoga and circus. Suite 6, referred to as Studio Air houses all of our aerial yoga classes and circus classes, where we instruct on aerial yoga hammocks, aerial silks, static trapeze, and aerial hoop (lyra). Suite 11, also known as Studio Earth, houses our Warm and Hot Yoga Classes and is equipped with an infrared heater. 


 Now with established roots, CircuSoul went on to become a Yoga Alliance Registered School offering Yoga Alliance approved teacher training programs in both RYT-200 and Aerial Yoga. CircuSoul has one of the only Yoga Alliance approved Aerial Teacher Training programs on the East Coast. Together with a crew of extremely knowledgeable and certified instructors CircuSoul is quickly becoming one of Sarasota’s favorite yoga studios and an internationally recognized name.

 From just a dream and a piece of fabric, Kerry Tice has built a successful and professional company from the ground up, and shows us that with a little work and dedication anything is possible.

Aerial Yoga - Big Shrimp Pose

Trapeze Rig at Sunset

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