Amrit Yoga Institute

Amrit Yoga Method & Trainings

Amrit Yoga Institute is dedicated to the preservation of the sacred teachings and transformation of individuals.

Since ancient times, there have always been schools dedicated to preserving and teaching the very highest truths and mysteries of life — places where people could go to remove themselves from the distractions of day-to-day life and one-pointedly immerse themselves in a supportive, nurturing environment, emerging enriched and transformed.

Today, and especially in the West, this tradition has been largely replaced by schools that almost exclusively emphasize rational learning. We find very few schools that focus on discovering the real nature of the Self. The Amrit Yoga Institute is such a place, dedicated to serving and awakening the very highest within all who come here with trainings, workshops, and spiritual lifestyle opportunities that nurture the soul.

The Amrit Institute is situated on a secluded 6-acre property in a lush setting with a towering canopy of large, shady oaks, and formal gardens with Chattahoochee stone decks and walkways. The Main House and Recreation Lodge can accommodate small programs and a number of guests.

Our lakefront property and beautiful grounds provide a tranquil, restful, natural setting ideal for restoring your health and reconnecting to the spiritual source

Ongoing Local Community Classes and Programs:
The Amrit Yoga Institute offers classes, satsangs and kirtans throughout the year to the public. Most programs are free to the public, although donations are gratefully accepted.

The Integrative Amrit Methods of:
Yoga for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Students
Yoga Nidra I
Yoga Nidra II
Yoga Therapy I & II
8-day Ayurvedic Cleanse known as Panchakarma
Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant Training Program
Weekend Workshops with Gurudev: Yoga of Relationships, Quantum Breath Meditation, Prana Awakening, Turiya


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