Awaken Yoga Studio in Lighthouse Point

Hot Yoga. Vinyasa Flow, Fusion, Yin and Beginner Classes.

At Awaken Hot yoga studio the intention is to follow the traditions of yoga but also to incorporate deeper faster paced classes for those who wish to push their practice further. The flow of our classes at Awaken Hot Yoga builds heat in the body, the heat not only makes this a cardiovascular practice, it also rids the body of toxins, cleanses the nervous system and brings the Samskara’s ( negative patterns of emotions or behaviour) to the surface with an undeniable transparency. This is the beauty of hot yoga a dynamic shifter of energy, an unrivalled balancer of physical strengths, weaknesses and a powerful mirror to the inner self.

We all have different needs on why we choose to practice our yoga and on any given day our bodies and minds will have different responses and reactions from what life throws at us. Awaken Hot Yoga classes are designed to fit any given day and any given mood. From fundamental postures in warm yoga to faster paced sequences in hotflow, our classes will suit all levels of practice, empowering your mind body and spirit.

AHY’s intention is to share our knowledge and passion for yoga, to inspire everyone to live an extraordinary life.

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