The Benefits of Practicing at a Yoga Studio Instead of at Home

By: Kelly Barnes 

The list of benefits that yoga can provide is quite long, that is why more and more people get into it. And through the years, learning yoga has become accessible to many people. A lot of books about yoga have been published, yoga videos are sold in DVDs and streamed online, and podcasts on yoga can also be easily accessed. However, learning yoga at a studio is still a different experience than doing it at home by watching videos or reading out of a book.

A yoga studio is a dedicated place for yoga. 

While it is more comfortable, it can be more difficult to focus while practicing yoga at home. Since it is dedicated to doing yoga, you can be assured that the yoga studio will provide a quiet and calming environment with fewer distractions while doing yoga. 

When practicing Bikram or hot yoga, the temperature of the room is very important. The Bikram yoga, for example, needs a temperature of at least 105 degrees with carpeted floors. This is something that is somehow difficult to do at home or anywhere else.

A yoga studio can also provide a yoga mat that you don’t want to invest in yet. Aside from that, it is also equipped with yoga props such as blocks, yoga straps, or ball that can help you deepen your practice.

An instructor guides the yoga flow.

There are yoga poses for beginners while some are a bit more challenging. Yoga instructors provide guidance and help with doing the right posture. Since they are knowledgeable with years of experience, they can provide tips and knowledge that will help you overcome physical and mental limitations. 

It is easier to learn the poses by seeing it personally.

Yoga instructors will show you how a pose is done. Chances are, if you practice at home, you may not be very sure if you are doing the poses correctly. By seeing it personally and being guided, you can do the poses with the right form, alignment, and alternative if needed. 

There is a lower risk of injury.

In doing yoga, it is possible to twist your body in the wrong way or pull the wrong muscle. The risk of obtaining an injury is lowered with an experienced instructor who can provide instructions that are safe and effective. 

Energy is shared through group yoga.

Through yoga classes, you can find like-minded people interested in and passionate about the same thing. These people will inspire and motivate you through the class and with the positive connection built-in yoga classes, energy can flow freely.

Yoga is a total mind and body workout with a lot of benefits. But these are the benefits that you can only get when you practice yoga at a yoga studio instead of at home. While practicing yoga at home can save time and money, doing it at a yoga studio will give you a different experience. Explore your options and find out what works best for you!

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