Organic clothing for Organic People

YOGiiZA, “King or Queen Among Yogi”.
We are a company by Yogis for Yogis, a Premier Lifestyle Brand created for individuals who support and identify themselves with Yoga and Wellness. We design and distribute Organic apparel, Organic accessories and other Yoga-minded services including Hotel programs and eco-travel experiences.

We share your values. We manifest a GREEN SUSTAINABLE future. We are aware. We use ORGANIC Cotton, Free of poisonous chemicals. We use RECYCLED Materials.We Believe in Fair Trade Labor. We are committed to Community, Family and UNITY. We practice daily Yoga. We are a company by Yogis for Yogis. We are YOGIIZA, “King / Queen Among Yogi”

Today is a beautiful day.  You are the Light of the World. I see myself in you.  The mission of YOGiiZA is clear and present.  Our mission is to give yogis a choice that is a true reflection of yoga values.  When we choose natural and Organic products we are choosing to nurture and protect Mother Earth.  When we choose synthetic, unsustainable, petroleum based products we are perpetuating a system that depends on us being unaware.  When we become aware we clearly understand that the choices we make manifest the world we choose.  We are aware.  We choose Natural.  We choose Organic.  We choose to live in an awakened world where people are responsible for their environment.  When we complain about the environment, or the state of the world, we need look no further for the cause than our own bodies and minds.  When we purify the mind and body the World becomes pure.  Thank you for standing up and being counted as eco-warriors fighting for Mother Earth.  Make no mistake about it, the battle is being fought everyday by people like you and me who have awakened to the power of our purchases.  Thank you for choosing Natural.  Thank you for choosing Organic.  Thank you for choosing YOGiiZA, Organic clothing for Organic people™. 


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