FeetUp® Teacher Training & Certification, Jacksonville 2019


This course provides the necessary skills to use the FeetUp® Trainer™ as an effective tool in the development of a well-rounded movement practice. We offer a deep dive into the anatomy of inverting safely with ease while providing guided support on how share the experience with clear communication and trust.

Course material includes:

~Dissecting what an “inversion” is, what “safety” means, and the application of both for the practitioner’s body.

~Understanding body awareness while upside down and how to clearly communicate with others while they are practicing.

~How to effectively build a safe inversion practice from the ground up using the FeetUp Trainer for students of all levels, focusing on complete beginners through intermediate students.

~Breaking down established sequences and variations to effectively develop accessible progressions for personalized flows.

~Ways to use the FeetUp Trainer as a multi-purpose yoga prop in the everyday classroom for a variety of asana support including (but not limited to): back bends, forward folds, balance poses, twists, lunges, angles, inversions, and yin poses.

~Guidelines and best practices for hosting workshops and ongoing class series for optimal community support.

At the completion of the training, all attendees receive a certificate recognizing their participation and 20 Yoga Alliance CEU hours of study. Students have the option of choosing to complete an additional 10 CEU homework hours (including pre- and post-requisites) to be recognized as a certified FeetUp® Instructor.

November 15th - 17th, 2019 Friday, November 15th: 12pm - 6pm Saturday, November 16th: 9am - 5pm Sunday, November 17th: 9am - 4pm (Lunch breaks on Saturday & Sunday)