The Shiva Yoga Shala

Welcome to the Shiva Yoga Shala

.Shala is a sanskrit word meaning “home”. A yoga shala is a gathering place for students of yoga to practice, share, experience and grow.

The Shiva Yoga Shala is a sacred space for movement. In this space, we evoke the energy and learn to dance with Shiva, the Hindu deity of destruction and transformation. In life, the only thing constant is change.

In our Yoga practice Shiva is responsible for change through destroying the ego, and letting go of negative habits and attachments. Thus the power of destruction associated with Lord Shiva has great purifying power.In our main space, you will see a large statue of Shiva in his form, Nataraj, the “Lord of the Dance” to inspire and remind us to let go, open ourselves to change, and gracefully move through life.Our teachers create a safe space of acceptance and encouragement.

Together we move to strengthen the unity of body, mind and spirit. Each class offers a creative dynamic series of poses blended together with breath, music and inspiration. A flow of energy and expression is created that strengthens your body, eases your mind, and touches your spirit.

The Shiva Yoga Shala is a safe home for transformation. Our entire team is here to serve you on your journey.

Welcome hOMe.

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