Orlando Power Yoga

Baron Baptiste Power Yoga Method

Orlando Power Yoga teaches the Baron Baptiste style of power yoga which creates a flow between the more static traditional yoga postures and the dynamic connecting postures. The series contains fifty-three poses (or “asanas”) linked together by the flow (or “vinyasa”). Unlike some Hatha yoga styles, attention is placed on the journey between the postures and not just the postures themselves; thus the term, vinyasa flow. The fast paced flow of the yoga provides an intense workout that will melt away fat, build firm muscles, speed up your circulation, and strengthen your heart. In addition to the temperature of the room which is between 85-90 degrees, the flow of the yoga creates an internal heat within your body, which gives you more flexibility and helps your body release toxins.

Yoga is also a tool or system to facilitate balance. Not only is physical balance achieved by the movements of the body, but mental and spiritual balance can be improved at the same time. Through the process of moving through the postures and focusing on the breathing, the stress and anxiety you may be holding are suppressed and minimized, leaving you with a sense of calm and peace. In addition to the great physical workout, yoga also teaches us how to be still, both physically and mentally. With regular practice, the stillness you learn in class can be taken with you to other, more stressful, parts of your life.

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