The Medicine Way University

Shamanic healing workshops and trainings

The Medicine Way University offers a unique blend of workshops held in the shamans way of seeing, and healing with energy medicine.


Carey is Certified as a Master Practitioner of Energy Medicine and a recognized Shamanic Teacher in the US and Abroad for children and adults.  Carey’s deep respect for the Earth and all her life forms,  innately drew him to study the ancient indigenous healing ways of living in balance and harmony with all life.

For many, many years he has spent treasured time with the Q’ero Shamans and Wisdom Keepers of the High Mountains of Peru in sacred sites, rites and ceremonies, alone and with groups he leads there to Machu Picchu, The Sacred Valley, and Lake Titicaca.  He also has spent precious time with respected Native First Peoples of North America in sacred sites and ceremony. He leads groups to North and South Dakota to experience first hand the beauty and ancient ways of the first peoples of these sacred lands.

Through the traditions of the medicine way he helps create sacred space and support for ones own personal empowerment, growth and healing. Carey teaches, lectures, holds workshops and retreats, has a private practice in Energy Medicine South Florida,  He is Founder of The Medicine Way University “Exploration, Studies, Training & Retreats in Indigenous Energy Medicine of  the Americas”

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