Jodi Weiner

Yoga Teacher & Executive Director of Connection Coalition

Jodi Weiner

Yoga Teacher & Executive Director of Connection Coalition (formerly Yoga Gangsters

Jodi Weiner is a yogi by birth. Her desire to “make a difference” has led her down numerous paths of service and exploration. She explored countless ways in how NOT to live life and landed in this beautiful expression of love, as a yoga teacher. She has been practicing half her life, mediation, self inquiry, Hatha, Vinyasa, transformational practices and more. Her heart is open, her teaching is grounded, alignment minded and simple for all levels. She focuses on your breath, safety, and  inner work.

Jodi has been uplifted by yoga through depression, addictions, stories and choices that have prepared her to be of service to this incredible community on the path to unity and peace. Her teachings inspire communities to dive deeper into the shadow vibrations so they can embrace all of their humanity and show up feeling whole, happy and live from the heart both on and off the mat.

Jodi Weiner is also the Executive Director and national trainer for Connection Coalition (formerly Yoga Gangsters), a non-profit bringing yoga to youth in jails, shelters and poverty schools, locally and in 15 states. Jodi is also an Embody Love facilitator and lover of all sentient beings…except mosquitoes. When she is not on the yoga mat she is guiding her twin teenagers through this beautiful world of chaos and mystery, infusing them with love and strength.

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