Jennifer Martin

Yoga Teacher, Founder Bodhi Yoga Studios, Motivational Speaker, Retreat Leader, and Founder of the #motivatedandmoved Mission.

Jennifer Martin – Yoga Teacher, Founder Bodhi Yoga Studios, Motivational Speaker, Retreat Leader, and Founder of the #motivatedandmoved Mission.


Hey Tribe!

My name is Jennifer Martin and I’m a yoga teacher, studio owner, motivational speaker, retreat leader and founder of #MotivatedAndMoved. I’m so psyched you are here!

This website is meant to give you a glimpse into my personal practice both on and off the mat. It is full of all my favorite things- yoga, tools to help you release fears, find mental calmness and connect to your higher power, along with healthy lifestyle tips and of course food and nutrition. Through years of yoga and my more recent “Spirit Junkie” training I have been able to release fear, let go of the past and welcome a limitless abundance of love, laughter and success into my life.

Yoga, meditation, and the “Spirit Junkie” principles have changed my life…and most importantly they have the power to change yours!

I have learned that it’s ok for things not be to perfect, its ok to show vulnerabilities, its ok to be in transition, and its ok to ask for help. We all have things we are working on clearing in our own lives so we can make room for what we want and most importantly deserve! We seek to feel connected, supported, happy, safe, and loved. By motivating and moving each other to change our old conditioned ways of thinking we can not only shift the energy for ourselves, but those around us!

Think about it: What would you do if you knew you were never alone? And how would you feel if you knew all that you are seeking is in reach?

Actually it’s been inside you the whole time, ready for you to trust in yourself and be guided by your higher power as you live the life you were destined to have!

“All that you need, you already have.”

Through the practice of yoga, mediation, and “Spirit Junkie” principles I have released the blockages and barriers both physically and mentally that were holding me back from living my highest potential.  I now live congruently with the life that I manifested and am driven to share my purpose and passion with you! My blog posts are meant to share the tools and insights that I used to surrender my fears, trust in my higher power, and transform my life!

No matter what your goals are, know that you are in the right place, with like minded people, building a community and tribe on a mission to stay #MotivatedAndMoved!


Thank you so much for joining my tribe!  I can’t wait to hear where this path takes you as well. Please feel free to use the hashtag #MotivatedAndMoved in all your personal posts and messages as well.  You never know where your path is meant to lead or who you will inspire along it.  I am so grateful to connect and spread the love and light which is our destiny!

xoxo- J

Jennifer Martin, is the owner and founder of Bodhi Hot Yoga, in Stuart and Palm Beach Gardens, FL. She is a 200hr RYT Hot Vinyasa and Kundalini teacher as well as “Spirit Junkie” level II graduate who travels the world spreading love and light through her powerful classes, workshops and motivational message. When she is not in her studios or traveling around the US handstanding, you can find her on Instagram @jennifermartinyoga

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