Jai Dee Yoga and Wellness Studio

Yoga, Massage, Market & 200 RYS

Come and experience yoga that invites you to build strength and increase flexibility with classes that honor tradition while celebrating the modern with Jai Dee Yoga & Wellness in Tampa . We create our classes specifically for current lifestyles and western body types.

So, where do you start?

Jai Dee practices Ahimsa (non-violent communication) and does not label students as beginner or advanced, instead inviting ALL yogis, serious and just curious to ALL classes. In order to set expectations for how active a practice will be, check for the Jai Dee “Sweat Level”.

Jaidee (pronounced ji – dee) is a Thai expression literally translated as “Good Heart”; In Thailand, people of good actions, deeds and intentions are said to be “jaidee”.

Sweat Level n/a: Yin, Restorative or Nidra: these classes are based in relaxation and meditation and done mostly on the recline; like a cross between taking a nap and a gentle yoga class.

Sweat Level * Gentle and Calming: these Slow Flow classes are perfect for newbies of any age and ability, and anyone who needs a DEEP stretch.

Sweat Level ** Energetic and Awakening: we are movin’ a little faster now! Expect to flow! These Vinyasa classes are easily modified to be easier for those who are just beginning or harder for those who like more of a challenge!

Sweat Level *** Dynamic and Challenging: Expect to sweat! These Power classes have intense focus on breath and proper alignment. Innovative flows, strength building holds and balances, courage inducing inversions, and power generating core conditioning.

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