Holistic Counseling, Hypnosis, & Reiki Energy Healing

Counseling, Psychospiritual Coaching, Reiki Energy Healing, Hypnotherapy

Holistic Counseling, Hypnosis, & Reiki Energy Healing

with Jed Shlackman

Jed examines health issues from a wide, expansive perspective, using a holistic, integrative understanding of who we are and how we function in order to address issues comprehensively. This philosophical approach can be traced to ancient cultures around the planet where the spiritual leader/counselor, herbalist, and energy healer were all aspects of the same person, a Shaman or priest with advanced knowledge about life and about healing that included working with mind, body, and spirit. To heal is to bring wholeness… and even in the health care field our society often promotes separation and fragmentation, leading to many unresolved health issues.

Rather than merely managing disease, disorder, or illness, Jed seeks to treat the person as a whole being with the potential for balance and wellness. Using energy healing, hypnotherapy, and mind-body therapies, Jed is often able to help facilitate rapid healings and dramatic positive changes in clients’ lives – changes that people may not have previously believed or been told were possible. If you believe in your ability to experience wellness and joy, then you are ready to proceed and receive the benefits of these holistic therapies. With millions of people already benefitting from natural, holistic wellness therapies, there is no reason to neglect giving yourself the opportunity to experience these healing resources.

Jed has made the commitment to support you on your journey toward reclaiming your wholeness. This may not be a simple journey, but it is one that helps us build responsibility and reclaim our power, enabling us to reach new heights and experience greater amounts of love, joy, and appreciation in our lives. It also shows us how we can use the resources within us and in nature to clear dis-ease and move beyond illness. If you are seeking a revolution of wellness in your life, now is a great time to experience it!


Abuse Issues
ADHD/Attention Deficit Disorders
Anger Management
Autism & Autistic Spectrum Disorders
Autoimmune Illnesses
Childhood Behavior Problems
Chakra Psychology & Chakra Balancing
Chronic Illness
Conscious Breathing Exercises
Crisis/Trauma Counseling
Dissociative Identity (DID) & Multiple Personality Disorders
DNA & Genetics Healing – Reprogramming DNA With Frequency + Intention
Ear Candling (Ear Coning) [Not Presently Available]
Emotional Release Bodywork & Personal Empowerment
Energy Psychology
Existential Concerns
Family Relationships
Guided Imagery & Guided Meditation
HIV & AIDS Issues
Holistic Health Consultation
Individual Counseling
Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)
Neuromodulation Technique (NMT)
Nutritional Guidance
Pain Relief/Pain Management
Personal Life Coaching

Play Therapy
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Psychotherapy For Adolescents
Psych-K ®
Quantum-Touch ® Video Workshops
Quantum Wave Laser Therapy [Cold Laser Light Therapy – Violet, Red & Infrared Light]
Rapid Trauma Resolution
Relationship Issues
Regenetics: Potentiation Electromagnetic Repatterning
Regression Therapy/Past-Life Regressions/Spiritual Regression

Sexual Preference & Orientation Concerns
Smoking Cessation
Sound Healing
Spiritual Issues/Spiritual Counseling
Stress Management
DNA Theta Healing
Weight Management/Weight Loss
Yoga/Yogic Healing Methods

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