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Amrit and Purna Yoga

BodyWisdom Yoga and its classes are based on the teachings of several yoga masters and traditions. While you will not encounter an abundance of Hindu or Buddhist words, chants, and icons you will encounter yoga postures and methods to attain the “union” of body and mind. You can feel comfortable here, no matter what your ethnic or religious beliefs or practice. We have many gentle and therapeutic classes for those who are looking for relaxation, stretching, meditation and healing of body and mind.

Yoga is a Hindu word meaning the “union” of mind and body but the fact that the mind and body are not separate is universally known. That the mind is capable of working with and healing bodily ailments is an ancient truth, known in Western as well as Eastern cultures for thousands of years. It was known and the knowledge can be found in the texts of ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, the Old Testament and the New Testament of the Bible, and elsewhere.

Unfortunately, in modern times we have forgotten how to get the mind to allow the body to do that; the body won’t be bullied by the mind; they need to work together in harmony. When that happens — as it does at the Bodywisdom Yoga Studio — wonderful things occur in the body and in the mind. Yoga is far more than exercise and its benefits are available to everyone, not just the extremely flexible or physically fit.

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