Flatwoods Organic Farms


Flatwoods Organic Farms

Flatwoods Organic Farm is dedicated to using the safest, most earth, and body friendly way of growing the foods we eat.

The farm currently has two plots for growing. One is a smaller organic garden, this garden uses fertilizer which is introduced to the soil to help the growing process. The fertilizer is completely organic and all natural.

The second larger plot is soil that is enriched using the True Living Organic Methodology (TLO). True Living Organics uses a crop rotation method that introduces all the necessary nutrients for plants to thrive, in the most natural and sustainable way possible.

Nothing is introduced to the soil, not even organic fertilizer. This process is focused on creating a healthy and rich environment for the micro-organisms that create food for plants. The sun hemp that is currently planted provides mass amounts of nitrogen into the soil. Sorghum is planted, which is a heavy nitrogen user. The Sorghum then provides large amounts of bio mass (housing and food for organisms) to create a nutrient rich soil. Next is the Diakon Radishes, these grow deep into the soil bringing up any biomass that has sunk too far into the ground. The Daikon Radishes are then cut back into the soil, releasing the nutrients and bringing them back to the surface. Also, they can be eaten!

Once the soil is as nutrient rich as possible, the vegetables are planted. The vegetables planted in this soil will be receiving everything they need. They will be the healthiest natural vegetables possible.

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