The Yoga cOMmUNITY of Florida is a judgement free zone which seeks to enrich lives through conscious connections with like – minded beings. Our goal is to provide an online hub for the yoga and wellness community. A place where every person can come to together and share all things in the name of conscious living.

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The Yoga cOMmUNITY of Florida  is a judgement free zone of Yoga & Wellness practitioners that seek to enrich their lives through conscious connections with others like minded beings. Thank you for joining us 🙂

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Lisa Pumper, Founder & Presidentheadshot-Lisa
Our founder, Lisa Pumper, has been part of the Yoga community in South
Florida since 1995, when she moved to Miami from New York City. At that time, South Florida, but especially Miami, had a well established group of teachers and studios. Many of these teachers had studied with, and been certified by the living masters in India and elsewhere. Teachers such as Wayne Krassner (Hannuman), Gaia Buddhai and Michael Gannon opened some of the first studios in Miami, building their following through  authentic teachings and setting the foundation for what Yoga is today in South Florida.

Lisa fell in love with Yoga and practiced whenever and wherever she could in those early days; Traveling was the only way to experience different styles and teachers. After she moved to Fort Lauderdale in 2002, she bonded with yet another Yoga community in Broward. In 2004 Lisa took the plunge, furthering her knowledge through Yoga teacher training. She continued to travel as far south as Key West, and as far north as West Palm but now as a teacher, leading workshops and classes. As a result, Lisa’s network grew as she developed relationships with studio owners and students alike. She found herself very connected to a larger- but still very spread- out community. Other events like kirtan, festivals, fundraisers, and conferences started to appear. People were asking Lisa for guidance as to where to practice, or what was happening as she seemed to be everywhere that Yoga was.

By 2007, Yoga was still growing at dizzying pace. Well-respected teachers from all over the world were coming to South Florida to teach, more studios opened and more teachers got certified. Yoga conferences were setting up shop in the area twice a year now, and drawing attendance from all over the world.

Lisa, herself, began to lead Yoga Teacher Trainings. This is what inspired her to gather and streamline all of this information into one place so that her students could easily find out what was happening across the Tri-county area. She wanted her trainees to be able enrich their experience of Yoga, becoming better students and thus better teachers through a variety of experiences.

That was the year Lisa put together a simple MeetUp group and a Facebook page for the Yoga cOMmUNITY of South Florida so people could connect with each other, share information, and support local events.

Through this passion to share a love of Yoga and conscious activities, Yoga cOMmUNITY of FL was born. The reach of this online hub has now expanded well beyond its local roots and encompasses the whole state of Florida. Known as a judgment-free zone, steak-eating, coffee-toting, chocolate-loving, wine-drinking yogis are welcomed just the same as raw vegan yogi philosophers. Because of Lisa’s foundation of integrity, fairness, and her generous nature, YCF is a trusted source where teachers and students of all traditions, studio owners and organizers alike come together for the bigger picture of well-being, happiness and peace.

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